District Grants

District Grants are administered by the District Foundation Grants Sub-Committee and are part of a District Block Grant provided by the Rotary Foundation. Rotary International information on District Grants can be found on the District Grants page of My Rotary. This block grant can include up to 50% of the District Designated Funds contributed by the District as Annual Funds or Endowment Fund Earnings during the Rotary Fiscal Year three years prior.

District Grants have several purposes and may include funding of local or international projects with a maximum grant request of USD $5,000. These projects may include:

  • Humanitarian projects, including service travel and disaster recovery efforts
  • Scholarships for any level, length of time, location, or area of study
  • Youth programs, including Rotary Youth Exchange, Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA), Rotaract, and Interact
  • Vocational training teams, which are groups of professionals who travel abroad either to teach local professionals about their field or to learn more about it themselves

The District is transitioning to the use of the DACdb Grants Module for the management of District Grants. In the interim, documents specific to the management of District Grants can be found at the following links:

Express Grants

Express Grants are an extension of the District Grant process, are limited in number available each year, and limited in the amount of each grant. These grants do not require the completion of the educational qualifications required for regular District Grants or Global Grants.

Documents for the 2021-2022 Express Grants can be found at the links below:

Express Grants Announcement 2021-2022  

Express Grants Application Instructions

Express Grant Application

Assistant Governor and Club Assignments

Global Grants

Tri-Cities Sunrise Rotary manages Global Grants in conjunction with the Mid-Columbia International Co-Operative, a group of eight Rotary Clubs that share the funding and management of international projects.

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